Friday, August 30, 2013

2 weeks almost 3!

 It has been our first 2 almost 3 weeks here in az. And things can't go more right for a family! Cam and I will both be working full time and coop gets to go to preschool. (which he loves)

I am very excited to be working with elementary kids. I haven't worked with these young of kids before. But i know I am going to love it.

Cam just got a job at convergys at a new position that they haven't really had before. which offers great pay and benefits. That's always a plus!

Moving here was very hard. But we now know that it is the right step in the success for our family.

I miss my family especially my sister and Best friend. But we all need to make sacrifices. Me staying just for that reason would be very selfish. I know that I will get to see them. Soon! I hope. :) Thank goodness for Skype!

Cooper loves going to preschool with grandma. Most days. He calls the kids his "friends". Its great to have him be around other kids and interact with them.

Here are some pics of our journey so far:
My big boy!

Playing with playdough. 

New best friends. :)

Someone got to go for a ride!

Sucker face!

Look at those cute toes. I love how he will cross his feet. 


My hubby and I


Hes the coolest!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

2?? I cannot believe it!

My Cooper is almost two, and you would for sure know it by his tantrums. Id have to say that two is a very hard age. But also such a fun age! I just love the way that you can carry on a conversation with him, and its so dang cute!

The other day Cooper and I were sitting outside. There was a crow that was eating worms in the grass next to us. I could have cared less. But my sweet boy was so astonished to see a bird let alone right by him! He gasped! "MOM....BIRD...EATING..(has he points to him mouth)....GRASS! I look at him in amazement at how smart this little guy really is and it just melted my heart I couldn't believe that he just told me like it was.

Speaking of growing so fast. Cooper now has a potty and a big boy bed! it only seems like yesterday he was a newborn. Its bittersweet. that is for sure.

We have had such a fun summer. swimming, pool parties, fireworks (which cooper loves, they don't scare him one bit) ice cream, late nights, swimming lessons, camping, feeding duckies and much more. I just love having him experience life and they find joy in such little things.


Cam and I have decided to move to AZ. Its a big decision for us. Moving away from friends and family, missing out on some things that we love...But we feel that it is right. I'm sure most of you can relate that MONEY sucks! We have struggled to make ends meet so we will be living with cams parents while we are down in AZ to save save save save save!!! Cam will be working two jobs. He will be transferring to a Home Depot and Working at the U of A. I am trying to find a job similar to what I was doing here in Logan. Cooper is going to love living with 2 dogs and 2 cats. He will also be attending Jo-Anne (my mother in law) Preschool. Which he will absolutely love. We will miss it here in Logan. but living in AZ isn't permanent (who knows maybe we will end up staying cuz we love it so much)  We just have to do whats best for our family.

But of course I have to show pics of my handsome son! so here goes


Feeding the ducks with dad.

Pool party with livvy! 

Late night movie.

Driving Daddies truck.

Swimming lessons

At the park.


My handsome little guy.


rocking the upside-down sunglasses. 

Being a parent is the greatest blessing that I could have ever asked for. I love my two boys with all of my heart.

Friday, May 24, 2013

21 Months!

My sweet little Cooper is now 21 months old. My little baby is sure growing up. He is just so much fun. I adore him. He is my everything!

Alot has happened since I blogged last. I am now working and can I say I just love it! It is the perfect job for me and my family. I got my job back at Spring Creek Middle School. Where I worked before I had Cooper. Its part time and in the mornings. So most days Cam gets to stay home with coop while I am work. Then when I get home he goes to work. Luckily on the days Cam works before I am off, my Sister in laws have been helping watch Coop and I am grateful for that.

Other great news Cam was able to get a better paying job with benefits. He just started a week ago and seems to like it. He is just training now. Then soon he will get to sell.

My little guy is almost 2. Watching him grow and learn is one of the greatest blessings. He is starting to talk in  sentences. "Hi, Dada" and today he asked for "Ice cream" He is just so smart is amazes me. Like the other day I made some file folder games and he matched the colors. I couldn't believe it.

 It is almost summer. Cooper and I sure have been enjoying the warm weather. Cooper absolutely loves to be outside! Going on walks, going to the park, or just simply playing in the backyard with the neighbor kids.

Here are some things that we have been up too!

Playing with balloons

Eating Lemons

Driving Cars

Reading books

Swinging on swings

Playing fire man

Playing at the softplay

Playing with the See N'Say

Playing with friends


Playing at the park

......And eating ICE CREAM!

I am sure lucky to have this little man in my life. My love for him never stops growing. I love him more and more each day.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

No longer a baby..

So I guess I have to face the fact that My little baby boy isn't a baby anymore. Cooper is now 18 months old.. and sure has the attitude to go with it! I think the terrible two's are coming early for my little guy. But Mommy and Daddy still love him anyway!

18 month stats:

Height: 36 inches
Weight: 26 pounds

He's just growing bigger and bigger!

He knows most of the animals and their sounds.
Can say almost any word that we ask him to say.
He knows the color "Blue"
He knows how to flip through mommy and daddy's pics on our phones and start playing the videos.
and Lots more!!!

Today, is the day before Easter. Grandma, Auntie and Mommy took Cooper to his very first Easter egg hunt. He had so much fun picking up the eggs and putting them in his Easter basket. He sure is spoiled though. My best friend was so sweet to get him an Easter basket. Then tomorrow he gets his from Mommy and Daddy.

We sure wore him out. He is napping as we speak!


Cooper and Mommy waiting for the Easter egg hunt start.

My Handsome little man. 

Picking up Easter eggs. 

Look at all those eggs Mr. Coop picked up. 

Gotta pick up the jellybean. Cant miss any candy!

I just love him to pieces.

Playing at the park.

Dyeing Easter eggs with Grandma. 

Worn out. Better rest up before we head to the park!